26th January 2015

Wrap your feet in soft-cushioned comfort

Buy two pairs, SAVE 6

  Gel Toe Socks
A066 12.95
  Gel Toe Socks x 2prs
S147 19.90

  • Socks fit like a glove
  • Gently separate, straighten and cushion toes
  • Gel lining protects the balls of your feet
  • Immediate relief
  • Wear with or without socks
  • Super stretchy, one size fits all
  • Hand wash
  • Buy two pairs SAVE 6

Slip your feet into these soft Gel Toe Socks and immediately feel the benefits of their soothing comfort.

The socks fit like a glove to gently separate, straighten and cushion your toes. Gel lining protects the balls of your feet, relieving pressure, preventing chaffing and easing discomfort as you walk.

Wear with or without socks. Ideal for everyday shopping trips on hard pavements, uneven ground and heavenly relief with tight-fitting shoes and high-heels. 

Super stretchy, one size fits all. Hand wash.

Save 6 when you order two pairs.

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