1st February 2015

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Image of Green Easy with Lawn Feed

Green Easy with Lawn Feed

Green Easy

The instant way to hide unsightly brown spots made by pets on your lawn

WAS 12.95, NOW 3.95


Image of Garden Leaf Vacuum Blower & Shredder

Garden Leaf Vacuum Blower & Shredder

Powerful Windstorm Outdoor Vacuum

Sucks, blows and shreds

WAS 99.95, NOW 39.95


Image of Coil Hose

Coil Hose

Kink-free Coil Hose - perfect for patio or garden

Stretches up to 30 metres

From 6.95 to 9.95

Image of Battery Operated Water Pump

Battery Operated Water Pump

Multi-purpose cordless pump sucks up any non-corrosive liquid in minutes

Ideal for ponds, spills, floods and more

WAS 19.95, NOW 6.95


Image of Instant Patio Set

Instant Patio Set

Instant patio tiles

Create an attractive and functional outdoor space in minutes

Buy 2 sets - SAVE 5

Image of Garden Genie Pond Clarifier

Garden Genie Pond Clarifier

100% organic Garden Genie

Cleans algae bloom, blanket weed, green scum, duckweed and more

Buy two packs, SAVE 4.00

Image of Faux Ivy Privacy Fences

Faux Ivy Privacy Fences

Faux Ivy Privacy Hedging

The instant way to disguise ugly walls and fences and increase privacy. Buy two, SAVE 10

Products per Page:
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