1st February 2015

Kitchen & Dining - Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

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Image of Slide Out Storage Tower

Slide Out Storage Tower

Utilise that wasted space!

Super-slim slide-out unit gives you instant extra storage

WAS £24.95, NOW £9.95


Image of Silver Clean Plate

Silver Clean Plate

Silver Clean Plate

Makes tarnished silver gleam again in only 30 seconds

WAS £19.95, NOW £6.95


Image of Kitchen Cupboard Organisers

Kitchen Cupboard Organisers

Introducing the quickest, easiest way to maximise kitchen cupboard space

Set of three easy-clean organisers with handles

WAS £19.95, NOW £4.95


Image of 3-Piece 'Double-layer' ceramic pan set

3-Piece 'Double-layer' ceramic pan set

Non-stick. Non-flake. Non-burn

Cook light with the amazing three-piece ‘Double-layer’ ceramic pan set

WAS £49.95, NOW £14.95


Image of Stainless Steel Percolator

Stainless Steel Percolator

At last, a Cordless Coffee Percolator that automatically switches OFF when coffee is brewed

Keeps coffee hot and full of flavour without re-circulating

WAS £39.95, NOW £29.95


Image of Compact Kitchen

Compact Kitchen

Sleek, All-in-one Counter-top Kitchen

Energy-efficient Convection Oven, Hob, Grill and Rotisserie in one compact machine

WAS £119.95, NOW £39.95


Image of Flat Toaster

Flat Toaster

Toast baguettes, crumpets, paninis, croissants and more

Without trapping them in the toaster!

WAS £29.95, NOW £12.95


Image of Non Stick Ceramic Pan

Non Stick Ceramic Pan

Advanced nano non-stick pan - heat resistant up to 500°F!

With a ceramic coating that lasts a lifetime.

WAS £19.95, NOW £5.95


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