29th November 2014

Kitchen & Dining - Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

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Image of Slide Out Storage Tower

Slide Out Storage Tower

Utilise that wasted space!

Super-slim slide-out unit gives you instant extra storage

Image of Silver Clean Plate

Silver Clean Plate

Silver Clean Plate

Makes tarnished silver gleam again in only 30 seconds

WAS £19.95, NOW £6.95


Image of Kitchen Cupboard Organisers

Kitchen Cupboard Organisers

Introducing the quickest, easiest way to maximise kitchen cupboard space

Set of three easy-clean organisers with handles


Image of 3-Piece 'Double-layer' ceramic pan set

3-Piece 'Double-layer' ceramic pan set

Non-stick. Non-flake. Non-burn

Cook light with the amazing three-piece ‘Double-layer’ ceramic pan set

WAS £49.95, NOW £14.95


Image of Stainless Steel Percolator

Stainless Steel Percolator

At last, a Cordless Coffee Percolator that automatically switches OFF when coffee is brewed

Keeps coffee hot and full of flavour without re-circulating

WAS £39.95, NOW £29.95


Image of Compact Kitchen

Compact Kitchen

Sleek, All-in-one Counter-top Kitchen

Energy-efficient Convection Oven, Hob, Grill and Rotisserie in one compact machine

WAS £119.95, NOW £39.95


Image of Flat Toaster

Flat Toaster

Toast baguettes, crumpets, paninis, croissants and more

Without trapping them in the toaster!

Image of Non Stick Ceramic Pan

Non Stick Ceramic Pan

Advanced nano non-stick pan - heat resistant up to 500°F!

With a ceramic coating that lasts a lifetime.

WAS £19.95, NOW £5.95


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